About Us

EGK (Everyday Gourmet Kitchen) Foods Private Limited is a food processing enterprise registered with StartUp India (DIPP 3968).

We are committed to solving the onion wastage problem which currently exists in India (25% of the total yield = 5 Million Metric Tonnes Annually). On the backend, we integrate with farmers to provide stability to this volatile crop. Our flagship product is EGK Crispy Fried Onions. We currently sell 30 MT/Month which translates to about 150 MT of monthly onions processed.

Within the last two years EGK Foods has seen a tremendous demand for EGK Crispy Fried Onions. We are poised to reach a production and sales volume of close to 100 MT/Month from the month of April 2018. This translates to a raw processing volume of close to 6,000 MT annually.

The premise on which EGK operates is that from all the onions that are bought in India 85% are peeled, cut and eventually fried for preparing Indian Cuisine. Onions, in general, makes up a very large percentage of Indian food. We have identified the single most painful point that exists in any kitchen.

With our flagship product EGK Crispy Fried Onions we are able to provide our consumers with a cost-effective, labour reducing and tear exterminating solution. In addition to this, our Fried Onions are spin dried after frying helping us eliminate almost 75-85% of the oil content which makes EGK Crispy Fried Onions a less oily and a healthier option as compared to the homemade variety or the commercial variety being sold.

EGK hopes to revolutionize the way onions are consumed across the world. 

 We take the crying out of your frying!